Sunday 22 September 2019


So if you’ve followed me for a while then you will of heard me mention , and probably  preached , about blogon which is a blogging conference usually held in Manchester in May and September .

I have been going to them for the last 2 years and absolutely love them!. It was announced earlier in the year , after the May conference, that the September one will be held in Bracknell , London . What!?!

Intially I was gutted and wrote it off straight away , then agreed to go, ticket in tow , then I had surgery. Surgery on the 28th August , which deemed me to not lift or carry anything , so the famous blogon goody bag would not of been coming home on the train with me .

Going on the train , and alone , would of been silly so Mezz said book a hotel room and we will go together . Exciting!!!!!

So we left Saturday morning early hours and drove to Bracknell - which took around 3ish hours . God was I tired! The conference started at 9, so coffee was definitely needed for me. We had free use of all the facilities at the hotel - which was also where the conference was , so Mezz had a blast in the jacuzzi and swimming and sauna, a right pamper day :).

I met up with two of my besties, who I have met through blogging ,and we headed to the welcome speech. I had already Picked out the sessions I wanted to go to and was really excited!.

A vision board session I went to was absolutely amazing , but I actually left the board in the hotel room!. I am taking that as a sign it was all wrong and I need to refocus on what I want on my board for future.

There were so many cool brands there , and of course some ‘oldies’ that I’ve worked with before and also who I am currently working with. It’s fummy with the online world , going back and fourth with a company and then actually seeing the face behind the emails , was lovely meeting people in person.

It was Baman’s 80th birthday , DC comics had only brought in the batmobil! The actual one Christian Bale sat his backside on! ;)

Lunch , which included bat shaped burgers for the birthday!, and festive themed Gin cocktails were delish! Santa’s sack with blood orange gin is definitely one I will be making this Christmas:)

The after party which was hosted by Paladone was definitely a brilliant get together . Poo games and selfies alongside arcade games . We also ended up in the nightclub until 4am and then drinking outside for a bit , but hey! You’ve got to end the day in style haven’t you.. and a little drunk!

It’s been Amazing! , although I am still hungover today and feeling awful- self inflicted of course - I have had the best weekend and can not WAIT for the next one !!

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