Thursday 26 September 2019


When it comes to kids - who doesn’t love throwing a birthday party! We love them and the girls love helping getting the house ready for them.

One bain of my life is blowing the balloons up though - I’ve even not bothered some years as they can take forever to blow up and you end up absolutely exhausted- am I right :)

Zuru have come up with perfect solution for birthday parties or for anything that includes balloons .. how does 40 balloons in 40 seconds sound? Impossible right !!The Zuru bunch o balloons party pump  does just that.

You can choose from one-Stem ( 8 balloons) , two-Stems ( 16 balloons) or five-Stems (40 balloons). The refill packs include 24 party balloons and the handy helium adapter allows you to fill balloons up with helu , making this the ultimate party essential!

You can also use the pump for inflating all your household inflatables and swimming pools and toys as it comes with one inflatable adaptor and fast fill hose :)

So how does it work? , the  balloons are connected by the tubes which fit into the slots at the top of the party pump. The pump has a disc at the top which you turn depending on how many balloon you have to fill up.

All you do now is switch on the pump and it blows up your balloons- so easy and simple to do. The balloons are self sealed to so once they are filled they are sealed and ready to rumble :)

All that is left to do is cut away at the end of the tube and there you have party balloons in under 1 minute. They also come in a variety of colours - so perfect for any birthday party or occasion.

We have had a blast with this and the girls absolutely loved it . They are available to buy in Tesco Stafford.

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