Wednesday 30 October 2019


I thought I’d do a day in the life on holiday whilst we are in Spain for the week. I normally vlog our adventures for YouTube but a day in the life in photos is something different isn’t it :)

We woke up this morning and headed straight down for breakfast as we decided we were going out for a little walk and venture into the town. We are staying in Europa splash hotel in Santa Susanna In Spain.

There is two sides of  town , so we decide to explore the right side today and will do the left side tomorrow. We ended up exchanging some money and heading to the market that was on . We picked up some lovely cardigans for Nila , that we have only seen in Wales , they are hand made and absolutely beautiful.

The younger two both got a baby doll aswell that cries . You know how obsessed Nila is with her babas, and Alessia wanted one too , they are really cute! :)

The weather is perfect as well. It’s 22 degrees, so not to hot and just right for the kiddies .

We got back and played some cards while Nila had a nap with daddy.

Then he headed into the pool with the younger two - it’s bloody freezing In the pool, I might brave it tomorrow ! :)

We got ready for the mojio tasting and demo afternoon - OMG, I have never tasted a mojito before , but they are bloody delicious! The girls had a Mocktail too and Nila loved it !

We ended the day after dinner early as the younger two weren’t feeling to good , stories in bed and and some well needed sleep.

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