Friday 1 November 2019


The girls and I absolutely love celebrating Halloween, Samhain. It’s one of our favourite holidays we have and we go all out every year .

Being in Spain on holiday this year for Halloween absolutely gutted me , I was dreading it , but  being here , I can say it’s even better than at home , you literally can’t get away from it , they go ALL out.!

It’s not just celebrated on the 31st, we have had four days of Halloween fun. Pumpkin carving for the children, fancy dress , colouring in and crafts , zombie cocktails for the adults- that were absolutely delicious by the way! :)

The whole hotel inside and out is decorated from head to toe in cobwebs and spiders. Witches hats and brooms hanging from the ceiling - the girls love it!

We even had a Halloween themed dinner - sweets by the pudding, which Alessia was happy about as she was more concerned about missing out on trick or treating sweets :)

We’ve had a lovely few days celebrating Samhain.

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