Scott and I rarely get the chance to get out without the three girls , and with Christmas just around the corner we had managed to sort out a day trip to Birmingham to get as much Christmas gifts bought as possible :)

We would of loved to of got the train down and perhaps stopped over , but we decided to drive down ,that way we could pack the car up as we went along and it really was needed - we were all shopped out by the end of today!.

We have said we will definitely come back and have a date night and stop over as there really is so much to do and see - a day trip is definitely not enough time.

We had a bit of a mental note of some of the stuff we wanted to get - two build a bears were top of our list for the younger two . We picked up Skye for Nila and the cutest Christmas sloth for Alessia which we named Peppermint:)

The lush shop in Birmingham is absolutely huge!. If you’ve followed me for a while then you will know I am a huge lush fan and wow, there was so much to choose from.

They  had almost like a little conveyor thing that had bath bombs going around on. I was in my absolute element and picked up a few little treats.

We stopped at Wagamamas for lunch. Katsu curry is to die for and I get it everytime I go there. Scott has never been so went with a ramen which was actually pretty tasty.

The Christmas  trees and decorations in Birmingham are incredible and the Chrismtas market stalls are lovely. Hot chocolate with a splash of snaps - delish!

We’ve had a lovely day but I am definitely glad to be home in my pyjamas with a cup of tea and snuggles with the girls :)

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  1. Birmingham is such a beautiful place to visit, with a great range of shops.y daughter would live that Lush conveyor belt

  2. Ah it's so nice to see a Birmingham post, I lived there for Uni and loved it such a vibrant city, it looks like you had a great time (and you'e right the katsu curry is the best!) xx

  3. This is such a fun outing - the Christmas shopping trip! I have heard so much about the Lush store in Birmingham - so jealous!

  4. I went to Brum for my sister's hen do last year. We had a very civilized afternoon tea in Browns. It's a fabulous city.

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful day out together and you managed to get some Christmas shopping ticked off the list too which is also great!

  6. I really love shopping in Birmingham, though it had been a while since I have been. I have never been shopping there around Christmas though.

  7. Birmingham is one of my favourite cities for shopping. It must be lovely to be able to stay warm in the Bullring while picking up all your Xmas presents.

  8. We have just finished all of our Christmas shopping. Feels good to be organised lol x

  9. I love christmas shopping its always so fun and cozy! I have never been to Birmingham, should definetely go one time :-)

  10. I'm a huge Lush fan too! I can never walk past one without going in! It sounds like you had a lovely shopping trip.


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