Monday 2 December 2019


Scott and I rarely get the chance to get out without the three girls , and with Christmas just around the corner we had managed to sort out a day trip to Birmingham to get as much Christmas gifts bought as possible :)

We would of loved to of got the train down and perhaps stopped over , but we decided to drive down ,that way we could pack the car up as we went along and it really was needed - we were all shopped out by the end of today!.

We have said we will definitely come back and have a date night and stop over as there really is so much to do and see - a day trip is definitely not enough time.

We had a bit of a mental note of some of the stuff we wanted to get - two build a bears were top of our list for the younger two . We picked up Skye for Nila and the cutest Christmas sloth for Alessia which we named Peppermint:)

The lush shop in Birmingham is absolutely huge!. If you’ve followed me for a while then you will know I am a huge lush fan and wow, there was so much to choose from.

They  had almost like a little conveyor thing that had bath bombs going around on. I was in my absolute element and picked up a few little treats.

We stopped at Wagamamas for lunch. Katsu curry is to die for and I get it everytime I go there. Scott has never been so went with a ramen which was actually pretty tasty.

The Christmas  trees and decorations in Birmingham are incredible and the Chrismtas market stalls are lovely. Hot chocolate with a splash of snaps - delish!

We’ve had a lovely day but I am definitely glad to be home in my pyjamas with a cup of tea and snuggles with the girls :)

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