Wednesday 4 December 2019


We’ve been so looking forward to getting our Christmas tree as we’ve had a real one again this year. I can honestly say having a real one does make the home feel more Christmassy, plus it smells amazing!.

This is the first year Nila is old enough to know what Christmas is and all she has been saying over the last few days is ‘tree’, so she was so happy when we finally got it delivered.

We got it in its stand and gave it some water then tackled the dreaded lights! - I am sure I detangled them  last year ready for this Christmas! :)

Anyway it took forever and Kadiann and I kept taking turns as it was getting to the point of giving up . Anyone else feel like that with lights..

The girls decorated it - we have stuck with the traditional red, gold and green and it looks beautiful. Nila kept saying ‘perpect’ that’s how she says perfect at the minute and it was so cute!!!

Now to sit down with a tea as I can definitely say that has worn me out ! But so worth it :)

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