This morning it was Nila’s Christmas party at her playgroup , and honestly she was so excited for it - she couldn’t wait .

We have been going to this playgroup now for over a year and she absolutely loves it . She loves all her little friends and I truly believe groups like this really do encourage independence in little ones and help with their development loads!.

Anyway - She wanted to wear her deer Christmas dress and her boots like mummy , even though they are not ‘running around chasing boyfriends’ friendly but hey ho ! :)

She went straight to the craft table like she does every week and made an alien Rudolph with tons of eyes!. I love how her imagine just runs away with her . She could craft for hours .

Then it was snack time and the mums all chipped in and brought something - we had pizza , crisps, biscuits , raisins , Rudolph cakes , it was so lovely and all the kids really enjoyed tucking in .

We ended the session with songs and Nila’s favourite at the minute - twinkle twinkle little star. She’s had a lovely party and is absolutely flat out now , I love a good nap time .

Off to make myself a brew and a well deserved mince pie :)


  1. I remember when my kids had their Christmas parties at nursery and met Santa. It was amazing.

  2. It's so great that she's in a playgroup that supports independent thought. She looks so happy in all these photos.
    C x

  3. It looks like she had a great time, I remember my daughters nursery parties she used to love them and get so excited x

  4. A playgroup Christmas party is awesome both for kids and for parents too. Getting together and share a play and a meal is the best thing to do during the holidays.

  5. Looks like she had a great time, we didnt do one this year and I was a bit disappointed - less work for me I guess

  6. Aww I love it when you see the excitement in their faces, they look like they might explode with so much fun built up inside.

  7. Oh bless her, it looks like she had a ball! I'm loving her dress too! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas x

  8. Looks like a fun time was had. Love her deer Christmas dress, very cute and festive.

  9. A childs buffet always looks so good, haha! I was at my neices 1st birthday a few weeks ago and was super jealous of their little beige finger food. I didn't dare eat any for fear of boogie fingers though haha!

    Katie xoxo


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