Friday 13 December 2019


Slow cookers are perfect for soups . You literally pop all your ingredients in , and then blend it up when you are ready to dish it up.

Potato and leek soup is one that I have never tried , but I had some leeks in the fridge left over from our Sunday lunch so got the slow cooker out and made a big batch.


5 potatoes
4 leeks
1 carrot
1white onion
2 vegetable stock cubes or pots
Salt and pepper 
Worcester sauce


The key to soup in the slow cooker is to chop the ingredients up finely . Pop it all in the slow cooker . Add your salt and pepper, I honestly don’t measure this as you can add more in to taste once it’s cooked so just a sprinkle will do for now :)

Boil your kettle and make up your stock. Add a couple of splashes of the Worcester sauce to it then add that to your slow cooker.

Give it a good mix and put it on low for 8 hours.

Once it is ready to be served give it a blitz with the hand blender and that’s it :)

Honestly it tastes absolutely delicious and the children loved it - especially this time of year.

I’d love to know if you recreate this recipe and what you think of it :)

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