Friday 27 December 2019


So Christmas has been done and although we have all really enjoyed the festive period and spent quality time with the family - the house does resemble what can only be described as a complete tip!.

Now is the time to get the house back in order ready for the new year .So who will be doing the dreaded cleaning service around here . So how do we get it done? Especially when the two youngest have come down with tonsillitis and colds .

I’ve got 5 steps to help you get your post Christmas mayhem in top form :)


This is probably a big must - especially for me . I will start one room and then go on to the next , and then go back to the first room , and end up making more mess and clutter than what was originally there in the first place !.

Start with one room at a time .Get all the clutter out to their designated rooms , like toys etc. Then you know what you are left with and honestly it makes things so much easier and quicker .

Open the window after each room and spray a little air freshener or light a candle and that’s one room done , onto the next .


If you can , then ask for help . Get the in laws round for cups of tea and toast and all pull together and get the job done quicker . My parents live 5 hours away so unfortunately I can’t borrow them for their cleaning services :) I am sure they are grateful for that! But if you have help around the corner then definitely ask for it , 9 times out of 10 , people are more than happy to help out .


Rome was not  built in a day :) - Christmas carnage can feel overwhelming .Write a little list and what you intend to get done that day. This way you get so much more done .

Get yourself a kicker list written and get the job done with Katy Kicker's list, you will feel like a new you. The kicker list has been around for so long, go check it out on Instagram #kickerlist , so many people use it . Tick if off as you go and feel in control of that cleaning :)


Getting someone in to clean up for you is a great way to get the job done fast  and saves you all the hassle . Have a little look online for a cleaning service near you, Any clean London come in and do all the nasty jobs for you.

From window cleaning to cleaning out your oven - which I will admit , ours definitely needs doing!.
They cover all of London. Simple book a cleaner on their website or fill in your details for a quote .

We’ve had a cleaning service a few times over the years and they do an amazing job , we’ve never had one over Christmas but I think it would be the perfect time so you can still relax and enjoy the last few days of the festive period without having to rush around cleaning up.


We normally try and donate some of the kids stuff before Christmas to make room for the new arrivals from Christmas, but this year we just didn’t have the chance , with being so busy with work and all the children have seemed to be ill every month for the last 3 months , it’s been an absolute nightmare.

Donating to your local charity shops is a great way to clear up some unwanted toys and also give back to the community. We donate a few times a year and so many different organisations do amazing things .

Charities  actually sell your old toys for you and use the money in their charity projects . Pop all your unwanted toys in a cardboard box , arrange a collection and that’s it , no need for you to take 5 black bags full of toys to the charity shop either!

I hope these have given you some motivation to start that post Christmas clear up and I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas this year .

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