Sunday 29 December 2019


It is no secret that Alessia is an absolute mad Roblox fan . She loves playing online with her friends from school , it’s one of her favourite things to do to unwind after a busy day of learning .

I don’t know where I have been - probably under a rock somewhere !,  but I recently found out that Roblox have actually got a collection of figures. Exciting!!!

We were lucky enough to be sent a selection of figure packs to try out and  I could not wait for Alessia to see them , I knew straight away she was going to be absolutely over the moon!.

We got quite a few packs and each one resembles some characters from a game on the actual Roblox website . Some of these Alessia already plays - jail break and Phantom forces are her favourites .

We have been busy setting up all the figures this morning and what I thought was brilliant is the boxes . They actually have scenes that you can use for role play - which Alessia LOVES to do !. So we have saved all the boxes , which is obviously great for the environment too!.

A big bonus is the exclusive bonus gifts with these sets . They have a virtual exclusive item code that you can redeem online . These were really exciting as you don’t actually know what you are going to end up with .

So we redeemed the codes and Alessia has got lots of accessories- armour , different hairs and skins - if you are not familiar with Roblox then you wouldn’t have a clue what I am going on about and also , where have you been? Roblox is life , apparently ! :)

So Alessia has a great little starter collection and we will be heading into town to pick up some more sets with her Christmas money as I did a search online and you can find them in the entertainer.

Watch this space ... :)

-Gifted Items

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