Tuesday 31 December 2019


So today has been a bit of a ‘let’s declutter and get ready for 2020’ kind of day. I have managed to get all the Xmas stuff down and put away - although it looks completely bare!

The girls and I have muddled together to get all the jobs done around the house - I say the girls , but it has really been me and Kadiann :)

The clothes have been sorted and old ones away for the charity shops. All the Xmas presents have been put in their new places . Hoovering and polishing has been done .

My work space has been cleansed and all fresh bedding is now on.

I’ve sat down with my planners and journals and started planning for the new year . I find planning and journaling keeps me focused and I feel more in control with lists - is that just me ?

I have managed to get all of 2019’s reviews and work done today so I can enter 2020 with a clear mind - minus my tax return! I know , I ALWAYS leave that til now :)

I have my planner sorted and all dates in that I have so far . I have started my journal and my mindful witch journal is definitely a new one for me .

I don’t normally have a witch journal or a mindfulness journal but I think it is really going to keep me focused and having a separate one for my mindfulness where I can write down my feelings and journal my progress will be really beneficial.

I’ve got my meal plan ready for next week when the kids go back to school - we are still munching down on sausage rolls and cheese and crackers , are you?

I actually can’t wait for a bit of salad ! I think we all feel like that at this point. I’ve eaten my last mince pie and have now meal planned a healthy , slimming World friendly plan for us all and I can’t wait :)

I hope you see in 2020 with a positive and clear mind and it is the best year for you yet :)

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