Thursday 2 January 2020


Happy New Year - I hope you celebrated the way you wanted to and you are feeling ready to enter 2020 the best way possible:)

I don’t normally do resolutions as I personally feel they almost seem like pressure on you to complete  as such.

Instead I set some intentions for the year and focus on them rather than trying to do something and if I fall at the last hurdle , feel absolutely awful about it .

Towards the end of 2019 I went through a bit of a rough patch personally, and I came through it and if you like , started fresh and moved forward with change .

I also felt like I found myself a bit more , I think we all go through this in life don’t we?. At 33, I can finally say that I happy with who I am and want to continue growing as a person .

My intentions for the year ...

I have thought about this quite a lot and the first one , no word of a doubt is to be kinder to myself . I am forever doubting myself , my parenting . My work - in general , I think we do put a lot of pressure on ourselves as human beings .

To gentle parent a bit more - I am one to say no to the fort because I have just made the beds - I haven’t always been like this , and I want to get back to the point in my life where anxiousness didn’t take over . I am actually writing this whilst the girls are making dens and we are having a sleepover in the younger twos room , so I’m happy :)

To explore more and take the ‘moments’. I forever tell myself it’s to cold to go out then will regret it . Do not regret anything and explore more and live in the moment .

To grow more in my craft and also as a family . It’s good to take time out as I want to put self care and love to the test this head , I started a bit towards the end of last year and I want to explore more as a family and go on more adventures:)

I’d love to hear if you have any intentions this year and what they are :)

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