Saturday 4 January 2020


We are finally into the new year . I don’t know about you but this year has definitely flown by !. Out with the old and in with new .

Have you done your New Years clean up yet? - if you are like me then the answer to that is probably no :). With three kiddies in tow , cleaning up is definitely not my idea of fun!

It is the new year and is definitely a new me and the first thing I want to do is get this house in order  and clean , ready to have the best year yet !.

I’ve thought up a cleaning routine for the whole house that we can all chip in and help out and complete it without feeling a complete burden and nightmare for just one person - me!

Give yourself a break though once in a while . It’s always nice to get professionals in from the indianapolis maid service (or similar near you) to get all the domestic cleaning done for you and it can make things  a lot easier in the new year :)  . A big clean out is definitely needed once Every few months . 

Let’s be honest , having someone coming in once a month to relieve that pressure is definitely what I would call self care .

That time can be spent at the hair dressers , am I right ? :) or if like me you are self employed , you can pop the kettle on and get on with some email catch up or that deadline that has been creeping up on you and you just haven’t got the time to finish it .


Daily chores are the little things that most people end up leaving or not bother doing , but can really help and set you up for the day. Honestly , it works.

Make the beds as soon as you wake up. A lot of people might do this already, some might not , but if you make the bed as soon as you wake up, open the curtains and window a little for some fresh air.

There is always one person that ends up having a shower or a bath every day. So whoever that is - mum, dad , Kadiann, although she hates doing it - typical teenager - it is their job to tidy up the bathroom.

This hasn’t got to be a full blown clean , remember it’s the daily chore so give the shower a blitz with the flash and wash it off , wipe over the sink and pop some bleach into the toilet - done .

Clean the kitchen up after every meal . Although this is 3 times a day , it doesn’t take long at all. Clean up whilst you are preparing the main meals and after meal time get someone to wash the dishes and one to dry.

If you have a dish washer , get someone to load and then one to unload . It’s all about working together and helping each other out :)

The lounge for us in where we are live in and I don’t mind the toys out - the lounge gets a quick clear up in the evening . Toys put away and if it needs a quick hoover of the crumbs  then we get the cordless vacuum out .


So this is the Sunday weekly chores that get done ready for the week ahead . It is a big hoover and polish of the whole house . Fresh bedding . Kitchen and bathroom floors bleached and because the daily chores have been kept up with , this doesn’t take more than 2 hours .

You can actually print out some templates on Pinterest which would be perfect if you are a list person , I think we all secretly love lists , or write your own it .

This new year cleaning routine I can assure you is the way forward for a less stressful household and more time for everybody to enjoy their days rather than falling over laundry and mountains of rubbish !

I’d love to hear if you’ve got some cleaning goals set up for the new year or if you’ve already got yourself a domestic cleaners to sort your worries out :)

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