Monday 6 January 2020


When I became a self employed/ work from home mum , it was definitely the right decision. Being able to stay at home and care for Nila and watch all the milestones is the best feeling and I really do cherish it every day and feel ever so grateful.

I did try and go back to work as a carer in the community but we haven’t got any family close by - my parents live in Great Yarmouth and with no other family members able to watch the children , working from home was the best option for us .

Now Nila is 2, and at the age where she is soaking up new and exciting things every day, I have been looking more into childcare.

The idea behind this would benefit us both - I would have one day a week without peppa pig and paw patrol in the background of me trying to work , and Nila would have a day to mix with little ones her own age and have a fun filled day with her little friends .

So where do I start looking ? . I am definitely one of them parents that worry about leaving their children with strangers , it has always been a worry of mine and finding the right type of childcare can be extremely daunting - it’s a massive new world isn’t it when trying to look for somewhere or someone .

I was recently contacted by the team at ,which is a site which allows you to connect with all the childcare providers in your area . The list is endless , so if you are looking for a babysitter for a date night with the hubby, or like me , a nursery for your little one , it’s the UK’ largest childcare website and has something for everyone .

It’s really easy to use . You pop in your postcode and select what you are looking for and press search.  I was actually quite surprised as to how close some nurseries are to us - as I don’t drive so would be taking Nila in the pushchair and essentially walking .

Some were half a mile away that I hadn’t even heard of, but sound really promising. What I love more about the site is that it lets you know a lot more about the providers than just the basics.

For example if the provider has said they are insured and they have a number of qualifications, they can then upload a copy to the childcare website so they can verify this - I think that is so valuable and makes picking your childcare provider so much easier .

Also with the nurseries - some i noticed said they were ofsted registered but hadn’t provided any proof , so definitely keep your eyes open when you are searching for your providers .

The search function is very detailed - you can search for providers that drive , or what they are charging per hour . It is extremely detailed and gets right to the point which saves a lot of time .

If you are unable to find the perfect fit for your needs then you can also register for free on the site and put in what you are exactly looking for and then you will be contacted when your ad has been found a match . So you can sit back and let them do the work for you :)

All in all I’ve found the site quite impressive. We have even found a nursery for little Nila which is super exciting - I am only thinking of a Monday morning for now but I really think we will both get so much out of it and we meet up with them this coming week . Exciting! 

Have you ever used ? Or lucky enough to have the grandparents on stand by :) I’d love to hear your story.

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