Sunday 12 January 2020


One thing I am extremely careful with are my ears . They are extremely delicate and messing around with them can be really dangerous .

A lot of people still use cotton buds to clean their ears  but you don’t actually need to clean them. They naturally clean themselves, but if for some reason this isn’t the case , that’s when a professional team comes in handy.

Auris Ear Care are a professional mobile ear cleaning clinic based in London who’s aim is simple : to keep your ears clean.

I have actually had grommets  three times since I was a child so naturally I am quite cautious if someone needs to check my ears or even messing with them myself , but the team at Auris ear care are specialist doctors and nurses that have over 10 years of experience in the field.

Your ears are so important - not just for hearing but also for your balance, so making sure they are in 100% working order is essential.

Ear wax is a bit of a taboo subject isn’t it?, a lot of people associate it with being dirty but in fact we need ear wax to help clean and protect  our ears . It has cleansing , lubricating and antibacterial properties. However to much can lead to pain , hearing loss and dizziness.

The team at the clinic offer painless micro suction as this is the most effective way of maintaining aural hygiene. So what is microsuction and how is it done?

Microsuction is a suction device that vacuums out ear wax. It is a procedure that uses a microscope suction technique and only takes around 20 minute maximum to complete. They use Carl Zeiss optics and suctions from the world leaders in the production of medical devices for the ENT professionals.

They also offer other specialists services such as

  • the removal of  foreign objects from the ear canal in children and adults. 
  • Ear wax removal from patients that have had surgery like grommets as I mentioned above.
  • They also accept GP referrals so your doctor could make a referral for you .

To book an appointment fill in the details on their website and what you are enquiring about and they will get back to you within two hours :) .

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