Tuesday 14 January 2020


Baby scans have come such a long way over the years haven’t they?. When I first had Kadiann, you got a scan photo and was sent on your way.

Now there are 3D scans , 4D scans - you can 100% tell what sex you are having . I can remember being told Kadiann was 87% a girl , we still bought pink , but now there is so much more when having scans .

Also the whole gender reveal has become so popular for parents to be able to reveal the sex of their baby and celebrate it with all their close family and friends.

The husband and wife team of Darlington and Rumbi Gono of Hey Baby Gloucester took on their private clinic 2 years ago. The clinic, which actually carries out over 2,000 baby scans a year, realised soon into their business journey that gender scans would definitely be a popular service.

We are definitely a nation of being impatient and needed to know , am I right?. I found out with all three of my children, I don’t think I could of waited a whole 9 months , the anticipation would of killed me!.

The baby scan clinic offer a high quality ultrasound service in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. What’s also amazing is that their scan rooms holds up to 8 people - so you won’t have to pick one person , the more the merrier here .

They offer high quality scan images with the latest high specification ultrasound equipment , as well giving your baby’s a life - like appearance and improving the bonding experience for you and the little one . I would of loved to experience something like this with the girls , they look incredible.

Also all of the Hey Baby 4D clinics offer a re-scan Guarantee, so if your little munchkin isn’t co-operating , the joys eh? :) , and they’ve decided to play hide and seek with you , then you will be invited back at a later date , which is such a lovely added bonus  .

Once you have your results you can then start planning for the most amazing or unique  baby gender reveal for you and your family.

I’d love to know your experience and if you decided to go with a 4D scan and how amazing it was . Also how your gender reveal went :)

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