Tuesday 24 March 2020


One thing I always fancy when we are having a curry is a Naan bread . Perfect for dipping and mopping up all the left over sauce , but I always seem to remember then  when I’m dishing up and not on the food shop!.

So I’ve come up with a 4 ingredient Naan bread recipe that you can make with things that you already have in the home and they are really easy to make and are super tasty .

This recipe makes 5 mini Naan breads which is perfect for our family of five :)


1 Cup of plain flour
Pinch of salt
1 Tablespoon of baking powder
125G Natural yoghurt - I use Greek style but any is fine :)
Herbs is optional- this time I used a tablespoon of dried coriander
Lazy garlic - this is optional , but I used this to brush over the naans


add all your ingredients into a bowl and knead, knead , knead . You want your dough to not be sticky so add a little more  flour if needed to get the right consistency.

Once your done , separate  the dough into 5 portions , or however many you need and then roll them out into Naan shaped pieces.

Leave them out to dry for a while , this normally takes 10-15 minutes . This is the time to preheat  your oven to gas mark 4/170c.Once they have dried out a little , dry heat up your frying pan and fry your naans so they become a little hard on either side and brown.

Now you want to pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes to finish cooking . This is the time you want to brush  them with a little water or some garlic butter . We went for the lazy garlic and made garlic and coriander naans this time .

 Once they are done , serve them up and enjoy . These go down an absolute treat and they taste better than the shop brought ones - even if I do say so myself :)

Do let me know if you recreate this recipe and tag me @kira_hutt on Instagram if you do ..

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