Saturday 14 March 2020


Everyone loves a weekend breakfast treat don’t they?, the girls absolutely love pancakes , don’t we all :)

I’ve come up with a slimming world pancake version using your healthy extra b , which taste absolutely delicious.

The toppings you can switch up , but these lotus biscoff ones topped with strawberries are absolutely delicious!


40G porridge oats
1 egg
2 tablespoons of fat free yoghurt
10ml of milk from your healthy extra a allowance

1/2 banana mashed
Pinch of baking powder
* I don’t syn these two items, but you do what you need to , to protect your weight loss*


Blitz your porridge oats and baking powder together with a hand blender . You want the porridge oats fine like flour :)

Then add in your other ingredients and give it another blitz until smooth line a batter .Give it a stir with a fork then your batter is ready.

Fry them up in the pan , however big or small you like . This makes around 5 scotch sized Pancakes which is more than enough for a yummy weekend breakfast for one :)

Top with your speed fruit or any fruit of choice . I also melted a tablespoon of lotus biscoff spread in the microwave which is 4 1/2 syns, and drizzled it all over the pancakes - SO GOOD!

I’d love to know if you recreate this recipe and definitely tag me in them on Instagram @kira_hutt if you share them :)

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