Monday 16 March 2020


Weekends are made for baking , am I right?. Cookies , cupcakes - you name it . This weekend we decided to make some chocolate chip muffins and boy did they go down a treat.

We were recently sent the stand mixer to try out and couldn’t wait to test it on it’s mixing skills. When it comes to mixing batter - it’s the bain of my life !, and leaving all the mixing to the girls , they tend to eat it all :)

I got all the ingredients ready before I called the girls into the kitchen. Definitely a top tip before you start baking , get all the ingredients measured out and ready to go, which saves the kiddies from arguing or moaning about who’s cracking the eggs and who’s adding the oil :)

I set the stand mixer up and let the girls loose . They added the dry ingredients first then the wet and set the mixer to work.

They were really excited using it , we’ve never had one so it’s all new to them , and was honestly more fun and less stressful than ever!,

The mixer has 4 settings and also a turbo speed which would be perfect for super fluffy pancakes :) . What I love about it more is that it can be used purely as a hand mixer too , so if you were needing a quick blitz on a pasta sauce you were making , you just need to take the top off and your ready to go.

Lastly we added in the chocolate chips and popped the mixture into our muffin cases before putting them into the oven . They smelled incredible and yes the girls licked all the batter off every single thing we used! Did anyone else love doing this when they were younger?

The cases we use are the silicone ones from the bakeware set. They are perfect for baking and also less waste as they can be used over and over again.

The set also has a loaf tin and a round cake case too which is the ideal starter set :)

Muffins in the oven and time to get the cups of tea ready as muffins and tea are the perfect combination. The muffins turned out so good and honestly tasted amazing . Recipe coming very soon so keep your eyes open for that:)

We’ve got some left over for a movie night tomorrow too - best keep them away from Daddy or else there will definitely be none left!.

-Gifted items from VonShef

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