Wednesday 18 March 2020


Many parents worry that their children are not as healthy as they should be. Maybe they are a fussy eater who will do anything to avoid eating fruit and vegetables, or, perhaps it is almost impossible to get them away from their video games to spend time out in the fresh air.  

Every parent wants the best for their children, and for them to be strong and healthy.The experts state that people that develop healthy habits during childhood are more likely to be healthier adults. If you are looking for tips to ensure that you get your child off to a healthier start in life, these tips should help you to get started:
Children can be notoriously fussy eaters. Finding ways to get your child to eat a balanced diet containing all the nutrients that they need to stay fit and healthy can be really tricky. Introducing your child to a wide variety of foods can help them to break picky eating habits, but being organised is also key to breaking the habit. 
If you are looking for ways to get your kids to eat more fruit and vegetables, smoothies are an excellent option. Making a smoothie takes very little time, and provides an easy way for kids to increase their fruit and vegetable intake in just one drink.
Cutting down on kids’ screentime is something that many parents struggle with. Encouraging kids to be active and step away from the video games can be a difficult task. Making exercise fun and a regular part of your routine will help make it easier to keep the kids active. Being active as a family will help with this. Choosing family days out that involve exercise is a great way to combine being physically active with spending quality time together. There are loads of ways to be active as a family from heading to the pool for a swimming session together, through to discovering new places on a family bike ride. 
Booking your child in for clubs and classes is also an excellent way to provide them with an extra hobby to enjoy in their spare time. 
Set a Good Example
Leading by example, is always the best way to try and encourage healthy habits in kids. It is hard to convince your kids to be healthy if they see that you make unhealthy lifestyle choices. 
Developing healthy habits in kids is so much easier if the whole family gets involved. Being healthy together is the best way to encourage your kids to develop healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

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