Saturday 28 March 2020


When it comes to Easter , the first thing that springs to mind is chocolate. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, all the chocolate .  The girls can end up with chocolate to last them until the end of year .

 Don’t get me wrong , they love their chocolate eggs, but getting something a little different for Easter is always a nice idea isn’t it .

We actually do gift baskets with some chocolate, books and little toys or colouring books to do with spring and this time of year.

One thing the girls have loved for a long time is hatchimals. Anything to do with collecting and the girls are all over it ,  especially if it’s cute!.

Hatchimals have brought out their hatchimal boutique spring collection which is such a pretty gift for the little ones this Easter .

The set includes the spring bouquet, 6 hatchimals colleggtibles, a checklist and the instructions , which these are definitely self explanatory:)

There are a total of 12 different characters to collect and there are two different bouquets to collect , so would be perfect if you have two little ones :)

The spring bouquet acts as a stand and display too which looks lovely on the windowsill. Take a rose out of the stand and see which mystery hatchimal is hiding inside each one . They all have gorgeous glittery wings and really are the cutest little things .

Pop your little hatchimal in the little flower - there is a little circle bit in them for the hatchimals to click into so they stay in place - perfect :)

The girls have loved opening these and finding which hatchimals they have got . They have quite the collection now and these are the perfect addition.

This set retails at around £14.99 and can be purchased from a few places online :)

-This product was gifted to us in exchange for a review

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