When it comes to the best gooey brownies around then look no further , I have the best and easiest brownie recipe you will ever see in your life - and they taste SO GOOD!.


2 Eggs
70G Self raising flour
300G Chocolate spread - I’ve used Nutella and Aldi’s own version :)


preheat your oven gas 4/180c and get your baking tray ready and greased . I used greaseproof paper and sprayed it with a little fry light.

Your baking tray can vary, I’ve used a 15x15 to get smaller brownies , for this time I used 10x5 and it made 9 good size brownies :)

Add your flour and eggs into a bowl and give them a mix .

Pop your chocolate spread in the microwave and microwave until it is runny . Do this in 20 second intervals so you don’t burn the chocolate.

Once it is runny , add it to the eggs and flour and give it all a good mix . Once all mixed in, add it to your baking tray and pop it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Leave them to cool down for 15/20 minutes before cutting them and then dig in :)

Honestly these are the nicest brownies you will ever taste and with a brew... heaven!

Do let me know if you recreate this recipe and tag me on Instagram @kira_hutt if you do :)


  1. Oh I have all these ingredients in the house, that is pretty rare!

    These look delicious and really easy to make x

  2. OH WOW!!!!! Only 3 ingredients? This looks so easy to make and also so delicious! I wish I had known about this during lockdown, I could have done with some more cakey goodness! :) Sim x

  3. These look so delicious and I love that you only need three ingredients too! Will have to make these with the kids seeing as my family are stuck in self isolation.

  4. Hands up I absolutely love a gooey brownie and these sound like they would be right up my street. I think I need to try one!

  5. That really is an easy brownie recipe, I can't even pretend that they'd be hard to make. And you can't beat a good gooey brownie x

  6. Yup looks good to me ! they can be that easy, ive also replaced with Biscoff, does the same chop, as would cadbury spreads etc... great review im hungry now.

  7. These brownies look absolutely gooey and I definitely want to recreate this recipe.

  8. Ohhh these sound amazing! I just love gooey brownies. I need to try these for sure

  9. I so need to make this!!! I can't believe you only need 3 ingredients, looks so easy to make.

  10. OMG just 3 ingredient brownie! I am totally going to get my kids to make this over the weekend. Looks super yummy as well

  11. These look absolutely delicious. I like to think I'm good at baking, but the one thing I'm absolutely useless at is brownies. I can never get them to come out as they're supposed to!!

    Louise x

  12. Wow these look well yummy!! I love that there are only 3 ingredients too makes life much easier x

  13. These look really gooey and delicious and one of those simple recipes to convert to gluten free. Laura | tales of a natural spoonie


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