Thursday 23 April 2020


Although this school year’s exams have been cancelled there is no doubt that your children will have to sit through more tests or exams at some point in their lives. 

Having all of this time at home with your little ones during lockdown provides a great opportunity for you to help your child with their exam preparation.
It is no surprise that preparing for and sitting school exams can be a stressful time for young people. 

They may feel anxious about their results or overwhelmed with the amount of revision required. This is not only hard for children to deal with, but it is also difficult for parents to know how best to help.

An independent college in London has pulled together the following advice and top tips to help you support your child’s exam revision including some ideas and tactics on battling exam and results day nerves.

Get organised as early as possible by creating a revision schedule that is clear and easy to understand. Clearly lay out all of the subjects, tasks and projects that your child needs to complete in hour or half an hour chunks to ensure they stay interested and focussed. 

It is important that there are regular ‘reward breaks’ to prevent your little ones from feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated.

The easiest yet most important advice is to remain positive. It is invaluable for your child to be reminded of how well they’re doing from time to time, let them know their hard work is being noticed and how proud you are of them. 

Your positive praise will go a long way and help keep them motivated.

Although it seems obvious it is important to remember that 8 hours sleep and a healthy balanced diet provide the basis for any productive day at school or study session.

 Get some early nights in and provide healthy nutritional snacks like fruit or vegetables to nibble on in study breaks.

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