Monday 27 April 2020


As children ageit’s crucial for parents to teach them the difference between right and wrong. Exploring morality with your kids will help them to recognise suitable ways treat otherand allow them to build important social and communication skills for their future.

Essentially, it will affect how they behave and whether or not they are successful in adult life. With that said, parents need to demonstrate sinceritycompassionpoliteness, and respect within the family unit. 

To help you show your child what forms a good moral base, here are some great tips from preparatory school in Surrey

Be a good role model

If you want your child to learn a skill or certain behaviour, you will have to be a good role model. This is because children learn by observing those close to them. If you swear a lot around your child, they will think it’s acceptable to swear. 

To the same degree, if you demonstrate kindness to others, good manners and a positive mental attitude, your child is likely to do the same. When talking to stranger, like a waiter in a restaurant, be sure to behaviour in a polite and respectful manner. 

This is just one example, but the trick is to demonstrate positive morals around your child so that they can replicate the same behaviour. 

Explain what respect means

Respect is an important moral for your children to learn, but that will be difficult if they don’t actually know what it means. Give them some examples of both respectful and disrespectful behaviour, both in the home and in public. 

You should also stress some of the people that deserve respect by default, such as teachers, parents and grandparents, police etc. 

Teach them about helping others

Your child needs to know that not everyone is as fortunate as them. Sometimes people will need their help, like if they are sick, struggling with schoolwork or have nothing to eat for lunch. Explain that they should treat people how they would like to be treated if the roles were reversed. 

You should also encourage them to get involved with community and charity work from time to time.

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