Monday 13 April 2020


When it comes to something as a big as a graduation , you want it to be as memorable  and amazing as it possibly can be right? . You’ve got the perfect announcement cards for your year book , now what?

It is time to get sorted :)

If you have followed me here for a while then you will know I am a sucker for anything to do with stationary and crafts, fancy invitations  and cute envelopes. If there is any excuse to get some invitations made then I am there!

Depending on what type you like , whether you like plain invitations or something with a little bit more character to them , Basic Invites have such a wide variety to choose from. They are actually one of the fewest websites that allows you to infinite colour combinations, with instant online previews- I love that :)

I can start with a completely amazing  design in my head and after previewing it a few time’s , it can turn a complete 360 and look 100% different so having the option to preview them  before the finale is definitely a must.

Custom samples are also an option on your graduation invites. So you are able to order a printed sample of your graduation invitation to see the cards paper quality and how it will print out before you place your final completed order , which is something I have never seen before , but sounds brilliant!.

Another one of my favourite stationary things is envelopes!. We don’t need plain boring white envelopes when it comes to a graduation invite do we? :) .

Basic invite are just as colourful with their envelopes as they are with their invitations , which puts a big smile on my face. They have over 40 different envelope colours to choose from , making your invitation amazing before its even been opened .

I’d love to see your final designs and how amazing the graduation party turns out . I love a good party and celebrating such a massive achievement is even more special.

Don’t forget them thank you notes . Whether you choose simple ones or not , they go a long way and make all your guests feel really appreciated :)

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