Wednesday 15 April 2020


Today has definitely be one of the best days we have had so far since being at home .

The sun has been amazing over the last 2 weeks and we are very fortunate to have a lovely garden to be able to sit and enjoy the weather .

We’ve pretty much got the garden sorted now and have even bought a small bbq for over the weekend if it stays warm.

We have spent all day in the garden today . We came outside just after 10.30 this morning and didn’t go back inside until the kids bedtime.

We set up the little swimming pool that we picked up for the girls and also the tuff tray with some bubble activity. The tuff tray is definitely one of them purchases that we are so glad we made as it has been an absolute godsend!.

We’ve had the books and blankets out , and I’ve also started a new book today , which I’m struggling getting into reading with so much going on in my head , it’s hard isn’t it , to switch off , but we have all had our books out today and teamed it up with a lovely ice coffee.

Ice coffees over the last month have become a firm favourite and they are so refreshing with extra ice on a hot day :)

I have got sun burn!, but I’ve been topping up all our sun creams , so I’m definitely the unfortunate one. It’s funny as , even abroad on our holidays to Turkey or Spain, I never tan, but a lock down in the UK and I’m coming out of it with a lush looking tan! :)

I made a slow cooker turkey chilli that we enjoyed outside and we had ice creams for pudding too. It has been so care free and stress free and these days are needed for everybody and it really does lift the tension and the mood.

The kiddies are in bed now and Mezz and I plan on having the biggest cup of tea and binging some catfish tonight :)

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