Sunday 3 May 2020


The girls and I bake at least once a week . It’s always been something we love doing and we’ve come up with an easy vanilla biscuit recipe that tastes so good - we actually ate a whole batch in one sitting!.

We were watching a movie and it was between four of us so I think that’s acceptable. Well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it :)

For this recipe you will need :

1 Egg
100G sugar
100G butter
250G Plain flour
2 tablespoons of sugar free vanilla syrup


Preheat your oven , gas mark 4/180C before you start.

Mix your butter and sugar into a bowl and whisk until combined . Now add in your egg and give that a mix along with your two tablespoons of vanilla syrup.

Pour in your flour and mix that all up until you get a biscuit dough . If you find your mixture a little sticky just add a little more flour and roll it about on a flat surface until you get a good dough .

Pop it in the fridge whilst you clear up and get your baking tray ready. You want the dough to be cold so it’s easier to cut your shapes .

Once you’ve cleaned up , get your dough out and start cutting .We make ours around 3mm thick and they cook really well.

 We made flowers and dinosaur biscuits this time, Nila is dinosaur obsessed so I knew these would be making an appearance:)

Put them on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and pop them in the oven for around 25 minutes .

Serve up with a tea for mummy and daddy and some honey milk for the kiddies . These are such a nice treat to make before movie night and they taste delish!

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