Tuesday 5 May 2020


Many parents are undecided when it comes to their kids having music lessons. Of course, we are all drawn by the idea of having a child prodigy – the next Mozart – it is usually more costly than we initially expected and doesn’t always come easily to every child. 

For those of you who are tornI have teamed up with an independent primary school in Hertfordshire to offer the following advantages of children learning instruments to help you decide.

There have been many studies on the benefits of learning an instrument have shown that it helps a child with their overall academic performance. This could be for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, translating musical notes and counting rhythms is great for both reading comprehension and numeracy.

 What’s more, as listening is another crucial skill when learning an instrument, children who take music lessons are also better listeners all round. Generally speaking,activities relating to music are proven to boost brain function.

Some other important, transferrable skills developed when a child learns an instrument are responsibility and persistenceThis is because they have to practise on a regular basis, manage their schedule to fit in lessons, and take care of their instrument and their music books. When they first start learning and are yet to develop the skills required to successfully perform a piece of music, they have to persevere and keep trying until they become a pro.  

This also requires patience, another beneficial skill which can be useful in various aspects of lifeWhat’s more, your child might end up joining a band or an orchestra, which will improve their social and emotional skills. 

Normally, when a child takes part in some form of extra-curricular activity, their self-esteem improvesLearning an instrument is no different; when they successfully learn to play a song, they are left feeling a sense of accomplishmentand pride, and they will likely receive praise from those they perform toThis will help them become more confident.

Music is a fantastic way for children to express themselves and unleash their creative side, helping them to relax and de-stress. With all this in mind, it’s certainly worth exposing your child to music, or another extra-curricular activity, while they are young so that they can reap the benefits throughout their childhood. 

It’s very important, though, to ensure it’s actuallysomething they want to do and the instrument of their choice, otherwise they won’t want to practise and you’ll end up wasting your money!

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