Thursday 7 May 2020


When it comes to weekends we love having a bit of a treat breakfast . Weekday mornings are always a rush and we grab the cereal boxes for convenience and live for the weekends :)

Dippy eggs have always been my absolute favourite breakfast. My dad makes the best dippy eggs and even now when we go and visit him in Norfolk, I ask for them. I am useless at making them.

I have tried all the different gadgets you can get , the egg timers , the whole lot, they still come out absolutely awful!.

Until now ... 

We have found our holy grail and you definitely NEED this in your life . We were due a new toaster anyway and this egg boiler and toasteris a pretty cool gadget that I hadn’t come across before .

With this you can not only make yourself some toast , but cook some eggs alongside it while you wait - the perfect combo!.

The 2 in 1 appliance can poach eggs , boil and fry them . It can also warm up your beans or other  side while your toast or muffin is cooking. The ultimate breakfast brunch all in one .

It includes interchanging plates which includes the egg tray which holds up to 10 eggs, so perfect for us , a family of five and the kids are egg monsters :) . Anyone else ask their children how many eggs they want and get an answer like five!..

The plates are easy to change over so depending on what you all  fancy cooking, it’s no bother at all. You can also boil eggs and poach some at the same time , which I have loved as the girls always want something different from each other.

The heating plate is operated by filling up the vessel with boiling water , and once you flick the switch , it starts within seconds .

We boil our eggs for 5 minutes and they come  out perfect, I wasn’t expecting them to be so good first time round but they are the perfect dippy eggs every single time..

The toaster has 7 browning options which is great for us , as we have a few that like ‘warm bread’ and others that like their toast cremated :) .

We’ve been loving bagels and egg too with a little bit of spinach and ketchup. The toaster side has four settings including bagel , defrost, reheat and cancel . It’s wide enough to cook most things like muffins , pittas, bagels and toast too.

It retails at £42.99 which I think is a bargain for a breakfast machine . We absolutely love it and think it will definitely become a hit for a stress free breakfast banquet.

-Gifted item 

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