Saturday 9 May 2020


If you’re finding it a challenge to get your child to talk to youabout their education and school life in general, don’t panic; you are not alone.

A few modest changes in the way you communicate with your child can help them feel more comfortable with opening up to you about their lessons, schoolwork and friends. 

Here are a few helpful tactics from an independent school in Hertfordshire to help you find the best way to communicate with your child…

Try and bear in mind that your child may not feel like talkingimmediately after they’ve finished their schoolwork

Most children will feel tired and will want some downtime after a day of learning, so give them time to relax before you initiate a conversation about school.

When you do eventually chat to your child, try to ask themquestions that require more than just a yes or no answer. For instance, instead of “Did you have a good day?” try “What did you enjoy about school today?” so that they have to truly think about their response. 

Phrasing your question the a little differently can encourage your child to give a more detailed answer.

If your child’s school sends out a newsletter, be sure to read it so that you can stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on. This will provide you with more to talk about with your child, as you will be able to ask them about previous or upcoming events. 

What’s more, it will also show your child that you have an active interest in their school life. They will want to open up more about what they have learnt at school and their accomplishments if you show your enthusiasm. 

Itcrucial that you try and find the right time to have these conversations, where you can give your full attention, without disruption

At the dinner table is usually a good time for all the family to talk about the events of their day.

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