Sunday 31 May 2020


With the weather being absolutely glorious in the UK , we’ve made sure we have had lots of water play outside for the girls to keep them cool and plus , we all love a water fight don’t we :)

Bubbles are Nila’s new favourite thing at the minute so I’ve come up with a tuff tray idea which is so easy and keeps her entertained for hours !


All you need for this tuff tray activity is 2 litres of warm water and some washing up liquid , fairy makes the best bubbles but any washing up liquid will do .

Squeeze a few drops of washing up liquid on your tuff tray and add your water then mix, mix , mix.

The more you mix and the quicker you mix , the better the bubbles , Kadiann helped out too and we made so much bubbles , it was pretty impressive!.

All three of the girls have loved this idea and chasing each other round the garden with the bubbles .

This free and easy activity has been an absolute hit over the last month and is definitely going to be a staple for this summer :)

Do let me know if you recreate this activity and be sure to tag me on Instagram @kira_hutt if you do

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