Thursday 4 June 2020


When it comes to putting my own spin on the house  then you know , if you have followed me for a while , that I love nothing more than finding beautiful art designs to scatter all around the home .

We haven’t long been in this house and it is definitely our forever home and over the last few months we have been doing all the rooms up , one. by one , giving them all the ultimate makeover they deserve .

The girls bedrooms are complete now and they went with a rainbow theme. , which definitely fits our current situation, we love rainbows and they really do resemble light at the end of a rainbow don’t they :)

We have nearly completed our bedroom and I have been on the hunt for some art decor for our room. Now , we have gone with plain white walls and decided to decorate with wall art and accessories.

Desenio are a lovely brand online that offer some lovely  wall art for your home . There are thousands of different designs to choose from to give your home that personalised touch.

They offer affordable wall art for the home as well as offering beautiful frames and other high quality accessories at a really reasonable price that isn’t going to break the bank!.

The prints  from Desenio come in a huge variety : from children’s prints to modern and retro art , perhaps you are after some black and white pieces , they have art work to cater for everyone’s taste :)

What I loved about the website is that they also have a gallery wall section  where they showcase some beautiful pieces in a ready made room - so if you clicked on the kitchen for example they had some lovely  inspiration for you incase you were feeling a little uninspired or wasn’t sure what kind of piece you was looking for .

I spent ages looking through all the different rooms in the gallery and loved some of the children’s layouts , they were lovely and have definitely given me a little idea for the girls room , as they have a spare wall which would make a perfect feature wall :)

I found some perfect moon art prints for our bedroom , I love the moon and they had some beautiful moon art work as well as the moon phases and some really beautiful quotes from as little as £7, which is an absolute bargain, and complete value for money.

If you are wanting to find a specific type of art then just type it into the search bar and it’ll
Come up with all the pieces that resembles that specific key word , perfect!

Do let me know if you order any thing from Desenio, I’d love to see :)


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