Saturday 20 June 2020


Extra-curricular activities are an important element of a child’s overall growth and development for many reasons. They could be anything from violin lessons to being part of a football time, or perhaps even something like volunteering for charity. 

Essentially, they are hobbies or interests that your child chooses to be involved in during their spare time.

Extra-curricular activities provide children with an opportunity to learn a range of excellent skills that will help them in various aspects of life.

Children who have commitments outside of their normal school hours are faced with the challenge of balancing a busy schedule and managing their own time effectively. 

The ability to juggle multiple obligations and remain organised is a fantastic skill that will benefit your child throughout their school life and well into adulthood. 

Some activities, such as sport or drama, will encourage your child to work as part of a team and develop strong communication skills. This is an important skill to learn, but also allows your youngster to build strong friendships with other children who share the same interests

While music lessons are less sociable, they will teach your child other key skills, such as the importance of perseverance and practise. 

Developing new skills, no matter what they may be, meeting new people and performing or playing in front of others will help your child with their confidence. 

A child with low self-esteem will likely struggle through school and approach homework and exams with a pessimistic approach, so extra-curricular activities can help.

One of the biggest benefits of extra-curricular activities is that they can help your child wind down after a busy day at school and release some of their energy in a productive manner. 

It gets them off their digital devices for a short while and encourages a change of scenery. Many schools offer extra-curricular activities on their premises, but you will also be able to find some in the local area.

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