Tuesday 14 July 2020


With only three more days left of school , that only means one thing - operation summer holidays prep!

Having all three girls at home for the summer holidays has always been the highlight of the year for me .I love having them at home , especially during the summer , we make a summer bucket list and tick off all of our adventures along the way.

Having three children at home also comes with getting organised and as I call it ,  summer holiday prep, this includes making sure our snack and treat cupboards are fully stocked !.

We have this completely covered thanks to Swizzels :)

If you are not familiar with Swizzels then firstly , where have you been all these years?, they are a confectionary company that have been making sweets since 1928.

You might remember some of their absolute classics like Drumstick lollies, refreshers , love hearts and Parma violets.

They were part of my childhood and have loved them ever since , and so do the girls . So when it comes to the kids treats over the summer holidays , not only do I try and go for stuff that we all like but also buying in bulk is something else we like to do.

Buying in bulk not only keeps the cost down but also gives us a variety mix of all our favourites , so we never get bored . The 6 weeks holidays can sometimes feel like 10 weeks, am I right? :)

Swizzels have a wide variety when it comes to bulk buying , including vegan and vegetarian options.You can either get a big selection of one type of sweet , which includes some of their newer range like the drumstick squashies, which are Alessia’s absolute favourite!.

You can also pick up one of their bulk packs that are full to the brim and would probably last you a life time!.

These are also great if you’ve got any birthdays coming up too. We have Alessia’s birthday at the end of this month and will be doing a bbq for her and some of her friends , so these would be great for little party bags and party game ideas .

They will be coming on a road trip in the holidays too as we are due to see nanny and grandad in Great Yarmouth and sweets for a car journey is always at the top of our list .

So all in all I think I’ve got our summer holiday plans covered with three days to spare and a fraction of the cost ! :)

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