Sunday 12 July 2020


Strawberry picking has been on my bucket list since Kadiann was little and we have never actually been. We’ve grown our own most years but taking the girls strawberry picking has never happened.

We tend to be so busy we haven’t had the time or when we have decided to plan a trip , the crops have all gone . I searched up the nearest ones to us last week and found quite a few that were open which was really exciting!.

So yesterday the sun was shining and we decided ,spare of the moment ,to take a trip up to the strawberry farm  and have an afternoon there.It smelt incredible!. All you could smell was strawberries:) . The girls took a punnet each and we picked for raspberries and strawberries.

If you have followed us for a while you will know my girls are berry monsters and absolutely love them , so I knew we’d need a punnet for each of them !.

We went to the raspberries first and just about managed to fill a whole punnet . The punnets we’re actually really big , and we struggling to fill it !.

So we decided to go with one big punnet of raspberries and one big punnet of strawberries, which was going to be plenty . The girls loved it and the raspberries looked so delicious, not like the mushy ones you find in Aldi :)

Then we headed over to the strawberry field and dug deep for the best juicy strawberries. The best ones are always lower down , and we found some really big ones. It was such a lovely hot afternoon, which made the day even more better!.

Nila loved  telling us she had found some more and the older two set off on their own to find the best looking ones . As well as getting stung by nettles , only my girls:)

We headed to pay for them and also got a cheeky ice cream for on the way home . I don’t know what it is , but farm ice cream is the best isn’t it !. We went to Snugbury a few weeks ago and their ice cream was the creamiest we’ve ever had .

I opted for mint choc chip because it’s my absolute fav!. The others had plain vanilla and cookie dough. We sat and ate it in the car before heading home .

It was a lovely afternoon out and these weekend family trips that we can start having again are really helping with our mental health and trying to get back to some sort of normality is definitely good for the soul :)

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