Friday 10 July 2020


When it comes to fussy dogs then I have got to say my mum and dad’s dog buddy is so fussy. Especially with his bed!.

We have stood giggling at him while he has spent ages re arranging his blankets and toys so he can fit into bed properly , it is the cutest thing!

Some people see their pets as just pets , but to us buddy is definitely one of the family . He has been in our lives for so many years and we would be lost without him.

He has such an amazing personality and really misses the children so much when they are not there . When we face time my mum and he can hear the children in the back ground he starts darting round to try and find them , it really does melt my heart .

He is a Staffordshire bull terrier and a big one at that , and is definitely in need of a new bed , that fits him plus all of his toys too :)

Now some people would go for a standard bed , something cheap and cheerful as they might let their dogs sleep and sit on the sofas most of the time, but buddy has been trained to sleep in his bed, although he does like to try his luck.

From your usual crate beds to Luxury dog beds, there really is a wide variety to choose from. I love the look of the MiaCara Divo dog beds , especially the mustard colour one , and they go up in different sizes too depending on what breed dog you have , which is great.

Their viscorlastic foam mattress actually moulds itself to your dog’s shape , which makes it super comfortable to lie in , which helps reduce the pressure on joints too , which is an essential for buddy.

Buddy is an extremely heavy dog and full of muscle too which definitely puts pressure on his joints So this would be perfect for him.

An Orthopaedic bed would also be something to look at , for a forever bed , these are perfect for joint support and a lot more health benefits including
  • Relief from any pressure points
  • Alleviate pain
  • Reduces stiff joints
  • Regulates temperature 

I’d love to hear which beds you have chosen for your fur babies and if you think quality is better than quantity.


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