Wednesday 8 July 2020


One thing Mezz  and I really enjoy is having that quality time together , whether it’s our date nights or a  night away somewhere to just be us , we love it and had made quality time together as a couple a priority last year .

With everything that has been going on in the world and also homeschooling our three daughters , quality time and any time together if I’m being honest has been non existent!, if you have children I know you are all nodding your heads and agreeing with me :)

So we have sat down and dedicated some time to write a little list for things for us to have done by 2020. The start of the year hasn’t been great so I definitely want to end it on some happy memories :)

A weekend Away is at the top of our list . We sat down together and both agreed a little getaway was definitely needed. We spent the night away in October for a work trip that I was attending , but an actual holiday away we haven’t had one on our own since we went to Majorca 4 years ago.

So we have decided a little weekend  away abroad would be perfect . Italy has been on our bucket list for quite a few years now and I have found some lovely little places to explore out there.

Voyage prive have some really affordable weekend deals in Italy , some even with 70%  off, which makes more money for spending :) . The places are absolutely beautiful and having a browse has got us super excited for a weekend away without the kiddies.

What about a weekend hiking in the Dolomites?. We love our nature walks and love a long walk on the weekends anyway , so this would be a perfect getaway for us.

The famous Alta Via 1 is the easiest of the high routes do a great one to start off with . Take a look at the  Alta Via 1 Itinerary  and plan your adventure :) 

We have had some really lovely hot summer days in the UK over the last few weeks , and we seem to  get the children the swimming pool out and have picnic lunches outside with the teddy bears and they have such a lovely time , but we never seem to enjoy the sun overselves.

So I think a nice meal outside in the garden once the children are in bed , light the fire and just enjoy the evening would be a lovely treat and plus it’s free ! All about saving them pennies for the weekend away ! :)

Anyone else love sushi? We absolutely love the stuff and I’ve found an all you can’t eat sushi restaurant that isn’t to far from us that would be such an expensive. They have the bowls of sushi on a rotation table and you just help yourself ... very fancy , although this could be dangerous , as I can eat as much as the next person!.

I know a lot of drive thru cinemas have opened this week and they look absolutely incredible!. I definitely think we will all go together as a family some time this year but Mezz and I love a good horror film and there are a few cinemas that are showing the new horror movies that we haven’t seen yet.

I’ve always wanted to go to a drive thru cinema so I really can’t wait for this one!

I’d love to hear if you have any plans with your partners  or if you’ve got something planned for the family :)


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