Monday 6 July 2020


One of Alessia’s favourite kind of game is a card game , she loves card games and we can be known for spending hours playing them once little Nila is in bed.

We were recently sent a new game to test out called Quirky by Gibson’s games , and I knew instantly she was going to love it .

A fun game full of action , sounds and a lot of mischief...

The aim of the game is to collect the most quirks , which are three cards of the same . Sounds easy enough right? , but beware of all the mischief cards that crop up along the way.


You all get given three cards and take it in turns to sound out or act out  one of your cards , signalling to the other player to check their cards to see if they have that card , if they do then they hand it over.

This part is really funny and we were in fits of laughter for the first 20 minutes acting them out !.

If you haven’t got the card then you must say no quirk and that player then has to pick up a card from the pack , this is where it gets mischievous!.

There are a few cards that can come as an advantage to you like the steal card , where you can steal the other players quirks , but then they can also back fire on you if your other players also have them!.

My saviour was the stop card as it stopped Alessia stealing my cards more than 5 times! Cheeky devil :)

Quirky is aimed at children aged 6+ and can be played with 2-6 players .The game can last from 15 minutes to an hour , depending on if you want to complete the deck and win all the quirks or do a , first to 3 sets wins , which we did a few time’s.

We loved trying out this game and will definitely be taking it with us when we go to Great Yarmouth at the end of the month :)

- gifted item in exchange for an honest review 

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