Sunday 26 July 2020


Dobble is a game we have wanted for ages and they’ve brought out a 360 version , which looks even better !

We were lucky enough to be sent it to review and we couldn’t wait to test it out . We definitely had high hopes for this one .

To set up, you pop some batteries in and place the dobble cards in the stand and your good to go.

The aim of the game is to be the first one to spot the matching symbol on both cards . It sounds pretty simple , but that all depends on which setting you have the stand on :)

You can have the setting on slowly or pretty quick. We did try both and it’s such a mind boggle and you get so confused when it’s on the quicker setting !

Once you spot out the symbol , you then shout out what it is and then slide out the top card from each side to put into your pile .

You want the biggest pile as that is the goal. The biggest pile is the winner .

The girls really enjoyed testing this one out and we actually took it to Great Yarmouth with us on holiday.

You can also play it without the stand like the original versions , so it’s like having two games in 1, which is a bargain :)

It’s definitely a game to take away with you. We played it for hours once little Nila was in bed . We’ve put it in our top 10 games to take away with you :)

Let us know if you’ve added dobble 360 to your collection and what you rate it out of 10.

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