Thursday 13 August 2020


Anything to do with sand or slime then the girls are all over it and can not wait to get stuck in !.

We have been sent the So sand DIY ball kit to test out and the girls were really looking forward to getting creative with it .

Inside the set includes three lots of sand , three different coloured glitter - pink, blue and purple, slicing tools and decorations to decorate your sand with.

The girls got right in making their magical sand from scratch.

It’s so easy to do , add the glitter to your sand and give it a good mix and chop and it turns your sand into a magical colour ready to decorate .

The girls loved using the different coloured glitter and  sequins to turn their sand into mermaid like creations.

There is definitely something so satisfying about chopping sand isn’t there ?

The chopping tools unlock the ASMR in everyone , and we spent ages chopping up the sand into different shapes and sizes.

The So sand diy ball case is great for keeping all your sand stored in so it doesn’t dry out , and you can pop the sands back into the little zip lock packets so they don’t mix !.

We tend to end up with a multi coloured lump of sand when doing these types of projects but these ones are safe and sound in their individual containers :)

The So sand DIY ball kit retails at £13, which is a great price and I think would make a lovely birthday gift or something to pick up now to put away for a Christmas present.

I’d love to know if your little ones love sand as much as mine and if you’ve tried out the so sand yet .

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