Saturday 12 September 2020


Raising a confident child is at the top of most parents’ wishes for their children. It tops their desire for most other attributes.

This is because with confidence, we might achieve anything. Without confidence, even the most skilled and intelligent children will struggle.

How to instil confidence in your child

It starts early and with a little bit of confidence in yourself. If your child is trusted to attempt as many things as possible and from an early age, their confidence will grow and they will believe in their own abilities. 

Which is at the heart of confidence. Whilst keeping your toddler safe, it’s vital that you do allow some risk-taking. Letting your child help with food preparation is a great place to begin. Knowing they are trusted, allows the child to believe in their own abilities.

Giving small responsibilities to young children will also help them grow in confidence. Tidying their room (with help) can begin as young as two years old. Once a child can follow instructions, you will find they are hungry for new challenges.

Helping them over hurdles

As your child grows, he or she will experience some failure and naturally begin to compare themselves with their peers.For example, a child who doesn’t run as fast as his friend, may begin to have doubts about their skills.

This isn’t insurmountable though – you can teach your child that practice is vital. Some children need more than others when it comes to certain activities. At the same time, remind your child of their own natural skills – the things they find easy.

 Dedication and hard work will bring about results and a child who achieves growth through this will also experience a burst of confidence. This pre-school in New York advocates a broad curriculum with plenty of variation in order to build confidence in children.

Allow your child to experience as many activities and learning opportunities as possible, be there for them when they face difficulties and when they succeed. The more they learn, the more they grow.

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