When it comes to dolls, the girls are crazy on them . They love nothing more than to get them all out , set up a scene and get stuck in with their role playing .

Alessia was kindly gifted the latest Fail Fix dolls to test out and she couldn’t wait . She had actually seen the advert on the television and had already had her heart set on putting them on her Xmas list! :)

The dolls vary and there are quite a few to collect . We got sent the Dance Stylz  doll and Kawaii Qtee, who Nila decided to fall in love with!

Each Fail fix doll set includes :

  • A pair of shoes
  • A surprise outfit 
  • A pair of earrings
  • A beautiful necklace
  • A magic spa mask
  • A removable failed face

It’s make over time!,Let’s get this party started!.

First we found all the treasures that were hiding in their hair : shoes , earrings and a necklace. The girls love blind bags so this was so much fun for them and makes the fail fix dolls even more unique.

Pop on the magic mask and give your dolls a good hair brush and brush out the disaster! .This can take a while but the hair ends up super soft once it’s brushed . Dancer Stylz  has really cool braids in her hair and Kawaii Qtee has lovely rainbow pink strands in hers.

Now it’s time to reveal the surprise outfit which is hidden with a ‘pretend, dressing gown robe. The girls loved Dancer stylz’s dress, super cool! Plus they both do dance so now want the same dress as her :)

Pop off the magic mask to reveal the magical transformation!

The dolls are super cute once transformed and are ready to rumble . We absolutely love these fail fix dolls and can definitely say they are such a new cool step up from dolls which are going to be an absolute hit .

The girls have asked for all the other ones from the collection for Christmas and have been mixing and matching all the different accessories when playing , they are hooked.

They retail at £19.99 and can be found in Smyths Toys

-Gifted items in exchange for an honest review


  1. These look like lot of fun, I bet my daughter would love these so much. And they are a bargain too!

  2. These sound like some fun dolls and I love that you can collect them all and mix and match the different accessories. Sounds like something Olivia would enjoy.

  3. What an interesting sounding range of dolls, it is great that they give something to do and then can be played with long term after.

  4. What an interesting sounding range of dolls. It sounds like they offer a unique "set up" when you first get them then can be played with as normal long after.

  5. OMG this brings back so many memories of when I was young, I loved dressing my dolls up and playing fashionista.

  6. These look cute,my girls lve to play with dolls etc, this look like they would be a good choice, great review.

  7. These Fail Fix dolls sound interesting and we like that you can help style them the way you'd like.

  8. This looks like a great range of toys. I love that they have their own face masks and dressing gowns. Laura | tales of a natural spoonie.

  9. Fail Fix Doll Collection seem like a great gift to give girls who are into fashion. Love that you can style them as well

  10. These look super cool, my daughter loves to restyle her dolls and give them different looks


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