Tuesday 8 September 2020


To learn effectively, children need to feel secure and safe within the school environment. School should be a place where children feel heard and understand that their feelings and thoughts count for something. 

A school with an excellent pastoral care system will in general see that system reflected in the behaviour and happiness of the pupils.

This independent school in Richmond believes that all children have potential and through excellent pastoral care, all children will shine. All children attending a school with good pastoral care will know exactly who or where to go to if they should feel in need of support. 

The staff who are designated to foster the emotional wellbeing of children will be visibly present and open to the children.

All children at some point during their school career, will come to a point where they may need a little extra support. This could be due to academic problems, interpersonal problems, health or trouble at home. 

This is why even the most confident and stable children should be aware of the staff they can approach for support. It’s not only shy children who need help sometimes. 

Why do children need pastoral care?

All children sometimes face obstacles. Social, academic or otherwise, there will be a point in a child’s school career when they are in need of something a little extra. Pastoral care represents non-judgemental and supportive assistance to ensure that children never feel alone in facing their problems.

Some issues may be minor – friendship problems for example whilst others might be trickier such as difficulty with a subject or a problem with health or family relationships.

Pastoral care is designed to ensure that the child feels that they do not face these issues alone.
Just knowing that this assistance is available can make a child feel more confident. They might not even feel the need to actually seek out support but knowing that they can is a big help.

How is pastoral care implemented in schools?

The practical ways in which pastoral care is implemented are very varied and much depends on the school’s ethos and culture. 

• Tracking students’ progress.
• Keeping open dialogue between teachers and pastoral care staff so that children who are going through stress are noticed and that information is passed on.
• Skill development in order to assist with areas where a child lacks confidence such as social skills or academic help.
• Assisting children with health problems

Children’s needs shift continually, and good pastoral care makes a huge difference to the success and happiness of all children.

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