Wednesday 30 September 2020


With too much technology and a digital world in parallel to the real world, the upcoming generation is too busy in making their digital profiles a success. They consider their self-worth only in their digital presence. 
It is all about how many likes they get on a post on social media and how many followers a person has on Instagram. For them, it is more important to win on social media rather than real life. 

It has left parents with a challenge to develop their kids into humans that can live confidently and successfully in the real-world that is off the screen. One solution to this is to ban all social media for your children. 

Here are some tips that can help parents to create a balance between the on-screen and off-screen world to make their children confident and successful in both digital and real life. 

1.  50% Rule for Social Media during Family Time: 

50 percent rule is the one that allows your children to use mobile and social media half the time during family time. Let us say you have planned to go on family hike. Your children will be tempted to use mobile phone throughout the hike to take pictures and upload them on to their media. 
According to this rule, you need to take away their mobile phone for half of the hike. This will let them spend some time family in the real world rather than using Instagram and Snapchat. 
It will also let them understand that social esteem is not solely based on public feedback on their social media profiles only. It is hard to control their feelings about online like ability. This rule will help you to set the tone and enhance the confidence of your children in the real-world as well. 
2. Engage with your Children about Good and Bad Social Media Usage:

As a parent, you need to recognise the value of media for your children that includes social media as well. The kids have social media impact on them and it is their world. There is no need to judge your children and criticize them all the time for that. This is the world we live in.
You need to be more open with your kids and comment positively on the things you think are  good for them on social media. if you think something on social media is against your values, just don’t be judgemental. Rather than criticizing, just talk it through with your child and help them  to understand the reasons behind your views.

3. Set Guidelines to Deal with Personal Conflict in the Real World: 

Confidence is all about real-world experience. You need to train your children to handle things in person in the real-world rather than behind a screen. For example, if your child has a conflict with one of their friends, encourage them to talk it out  in person so it can get resolved rather than sending messages back and fourth on a social media  to settle things. 
It is important to let your children develop in the real-world despite it being a lot tougher . It will help them improve their confidence in their future life.

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