Pregnancy is the most incredible feeling in the world , and such a precious and privilege feeling and experience to go through , but it isn’t always plain sailing.

As first  time mums and dads , we are all new to this world of parenting and are only just beginning our journey, so all the help we can get is always welcome isn’t it?.

I’ve been kindly sent a copy of Spirited , a creative workbook to prepare you for the arrival of parenting by Nina Brambrey to review, and I have honestly got to say , it is one of the best parenting books I have read .

Being a mother of three children , my eldest is nearly 18 and my youngest is 3, there was never any workbooks out there for guidance or to help you understand all the changes that come with parenting .

Nina , who has a MA in philosophy, designed spirited , as a creative workbook , for all new mums and dads to offer emotional support through pregnancy and beyond.

She also includes things that we don’t realise will change until they do , such as relationship dynamics and how trying to still make time for each other is just as important as it was before children , which can sometimes be a struggle.

Becoming a parent for the first time definitely changes you and your identity. It’s a shift that some parents don’t think is going to happen and that life goes on completely normal . 

Instead of having to sacrifice our needs now we are parents , Nina helps us to learn to embrace being a parent and almost start a new life that fits all :)

The workbook is such a great tool to have and you will definitely find yourself going back to it as time goes on.  

I have kindly been given a copy to give away for one of my readers to get a chance to win. 

This would make a lovely gift too, if you know someone who is pregnant , the perfect Xmas gift th is year :)

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  1. Aww I had 3 friends who became first time mothers this year. This would of been a beautiful gift for them, I'll have to keep it in mind x

  2. Becomming first time parents does change things having a book that can help you prepare for this sounds great

  3. This sounds like a great book for new parents. When I was pregnant with my first I read all the pregnancy and parenting books I could

  4. What a lovely workbook for new parents! I wish I had this when mine were little. This also makes a great giveaway

  5. This sounds like such a lovely little book for coming up parents. Definitely something I'll have to keep in mind as a gift idea.

  6. Trying to rack my brains and see if there is anyone I know that's expecting! Sounds like a wonderful book and my mummy wishes she had something like this the first time round!

  7. This sounds like a great workbook and I'd definitely give this to any friends if I had any that were pregnant for the first time. It sounds like a great resource.

  8. I don't think people realise how much having their first child will change them. A life that fits all works well for us.

  9. What a lovely idea for new parents, it is such an exiting but daunting time

  10. Becoming a parent changes everything, wish I had had this book when mine were born.


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