Saturday 14 November 2020


 We are in full swing operation Christmas in this house , we’ve got the Xmas movies on every night and the songs playing , feeling so festive already!

The festive treats have started too and I have come up with these really cute Christmas tree brownies for the girls .

They really aren’t anything fancy but the kids absolutely loved them and they are a great one for an afternoon of chocolate brownie decorating :)

I followed my 3 ingredients Gooey brownie recipe and doubled it for this batch as I used a bigger tin.

To make these just follow the brownie recipe first and let them cool down .

Now you want to zig zag cut them so you get lots of little triangle brownies rather than squares .

It’s a lot easier once they have cooled down properly , I was an eager beaver at first and nearly ruined them! :)

Time to decorate 🎄

I picked up some Christmas sprinkles and ready to use icing from b&m and we got decorating .

I pop them in a tuber ware box and they keep for upto a week but they have never lasted that long in this house in all honesty, we love a brownie in this house !

A super easy and festive little after school activity and treat for the kids , they go down even better with a nice cold glass of milk :)

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