Sunday 8 November 2020


When it comes to buying presents for the kids , we always make sure they write their list to Santa so we know exactly what they want .

This doesn’t mean they get everything on their list , but I love seeing their faces on Christmas Day opening a few presents that they have asked Santa for and seeing the magic in their eyes .

This year Nila has asked for everything and anything to do with Robots and RC Toys , she is obsessed with them and every-time I try and catch her out asking her again what she wants for Christmas , it’s always the same answer :)

I’ve rounded up a few gift ideas that I know she will love and if your kiddies are mad on robots and remote control gadgets then these are perfect for you! 

Big hero 6 is one of our favourite films and Nila loved watching it , especially with daddy as his impressions are brilliant! . 

This Robot is the cutest thing and would be an ideal big hero 6 friend :) He reacts to hand gesture commands and can perform functions like driving , singing and even dancing!.

He retails at £26.99 and is made of non toxic and eco friendly plastics which is even better for the little ones.

For all your car crazy fans out there , I’ve got two different ones for you . The Racing car, which is a staple and a classic remote control toy isn’t it?, we’ve all had one and you really can’t go wrong with them . 

This Stunt car is something a little more fancier to add to your collection for Xmas . It comes in green or red and can do so many tricks including 360 flips.

You can also pair these up too for game play which would be great if you had more than one child , they’d have endless hours of fun.

If you’ve followed us for a while then you will know Nila has an obsession with dinosaurs . How incredible does this dinosaur look.

Definitely looks like something from the future , like a terminator dinosaur doesn’t he? . He has LED lights for his eyes too which are so cool!. 

He has a weapon launcher in his back and also roars. For under £50. He would make the perfect main present for Christmas.

Dogs and cats are always a favourite aren’t they?. Cute and sweet and most kids want the real thing for Xmas , I know my kids do. 

Compromise with a robot dog  instead. Less mess and It’ll definitely teach you a little bit about having your own pet . 

This dog is super cool , he dances , winks and barks and wants a master who he can love and protect.

I’d love to know what you’ve got your kids this Xmas and if they are robot fans like our little Nila :)

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