Tuesday 17 November 2020



 Now, as the dark nights roll in and the temperatures drop, do as the Danish and add a touch of magical Hygge to your home this winter. Despite the cold, dark, and long winters, the Danes are one of the world's happiest nations and adopt the Hygge philosophy into various aspects of their everyday lives. While there is no one exact way to define it, Hygge is best described as a mindset that's all about living a welcoming, warm, and cozy lifestyle while enjoying the small things in life.

 So what better time is there to add a bit of Hygge into your home than in the run up to Christmas, where we're spending more time indoors than ever? The beauty of it is that you can add a touch of it anywhere - in the kitchen, living room, or even your kid's rooms. Even if the interior of your home is the opposite of Scandinavian, whether you have plain or traditional decor, you can still easily inject a touch of this famous style with these three steps.

~ Lighting ~

Getting the lighting and ambiance right is absolutely essential if you want to create that perfect, cozy Hygge atmosphere. Instead of relying on big harsh lights, switch the ceiling lights off and decorate your rooms with smaller lights that are warm and soft such as fairy lights, candles, and small lamps. 

Ensure that the bulbs are warm instead of a cold white to really create that cosy feeling that actually makes you want to stay at home right now. Drape fairy lights over shelves or bunch them together into glass jars to create twinkly lights in various shapes and spend the evening snuggled under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate in front of the TV. 

~ Add textures and furnishings ~

Hygge is perfect to adopt during the autumn and winter as it is all about being cosy, which means that the more blankets and pillows you add, the better! And it doesn't have to be a specific style either - faux fur throws,knitted blankets, or big squishy pillows in various colours, anything goes! Investing in a shaggy or fluffy area rug is also another great way to create Hygge in your home while adding more texture at the same time. 

These small additions to your sofa, bed, chairs, etc., can change the look of a room in an instant, being both decorative and functional, all with a comfy, heavenly touch. 

~ Bring the outside indoors ~

With the temperatures dropping, shopping centres closed, Christmas markets cancelled, and many working from home, more people will be spending their time indoors, meaning there is more of an incentive than ever to bring some nature into the house. 

Add a vase full of fresh winter flowers to your tables, some leafy green plants on the shelves, or create an autumnal/winter floral wreath to add a bit of life and warmth to your space, as well as a sense of calm. Go all out in the run-up to the big day with a real Christmas tree, and you'll be hygge perfect for the rest of the season

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