Sunday 20 December 2020


 When planning your wedding , you will most definitely go through the stage of looking at so many dresses and really not knowing which one to go for or which one suits you .

I love vintage dresses, they look so beautiful and elegant ,but we all have our own style :)

Before choosing your  dream dress for your big day , definitely take everything into consideration.


If you are in the UK , getting married at this time of year is pretty cold!. Perhaps looking for a more covered wedding dress with elegant arms . A cosy shawl as an accessory would help not only keep you warm but still keep you looking amazing :)


We all have a budget , and definitely don’t go over it or end up in debt over a wedding dress. They definitely are one of the most important things on your big day but just because you are on a budget , doesn’t mean you have to settle . There are so many good deals and sales on , so definitely keep your eyes open for them!.


Not all dresses are going to look the same on you as they do in the pictures. We all have different body shapes and you definitely want to show off your figure on your big day, so try on as many as you can to find that perfect one :)


I love the look of forest weddings , they look so beautiful and just remind me of the Twilight wedding , but you might be getting married on the beach so less is definitely more when it comes to beach weddings.

Less material so it’s not to heavy when walking on the sand and perhaps you want to go bare foot too? Definitely saves on budget :) 


You might be going completely all out and having a themed wedding or something completely different and not traditional at all.

So anything could be possible  , Disney princess dress or a Halloween vampire theme , I’d definitely love to see that!!

I’d love to see what you choose for your big day and I hope it is as amazing as you hoped it would be :)

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