Saturday 19 December 2020


I can’t actually believe we are in December already, the year has completely flown by and what a year it has been!.

We had planned to move home this year but with everything that has gone on in the world , we have had to postpone our move until next year. 

It has given us the chance to save for some new bits for the new home which has been a blessing in disguise as we can now get all the things we really want  :)

The girls’ new bedroom will be completely up to them
however they want to decorate, we have always just painted the kid’s bedrooms a colour ,but I know the younger two will definitely want some Canvas prints.

They love rainbows and animals so I can imagine their new bedroom looking like a complete masterpiece and they are so excited for our new home.

We are moving back to the town where the kid’s schools are so they will be having lots of sleepovers and get togethers with all their friends, which they are so excited for .

We have been looking for our forever home for a few years now and can not wait for the new year , it’s so nice having something to look forward to.

For our room and the living room we are doing a feature wall. I’m very spiritual and love having wall art in our home . It makes a room that little bit more unique as we like to keep the walls white and then  prefer a feature wall to complete the room.

Wall art can be swapped to change with the season too , we love a more cosy feel in the Autumn and winter and then more summer vibe prints when it gets warmer .

In our bedroom , Buddhas, inspirational quotes and mystical night skies  are my go to when it comes to art prints but you could definitely find anything you are looking for list by searching online :)

If you love wall art like me , I’d love to see some of
Your pieces for inspiration for when we move , the more ideas the better .

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